Education system of Pakistan and it’s problems (Arsalan Hassan)

Education system of Pakistan

(Arsalan Hassan) There are many problems in the education system of Pakistan. There is no uniform curriculum, lack of good government schools, colleges and universities and the good education institutions are only for the children of rich people and the rest of the people far away from getting higher education because the good educational institutions charge huge amount of fees.

In Pakistan, only 2 percent students countinue their studies and enroll in universities after intermediate because they do not believe that they will get a job in the future with that degree. That is why people are getting tired of education. What is left behind needs a lot of attention and concrete steps and reforms.

Primary school education should be 5 years old and it usually consists of three stages also called playgroup, nursery or prep.

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The only solution to the problems of the current education system of Pakistan is to bring about a major overhaul because without it our educational ranking cannot move forward. Subordinate all universities to the federal government and subordinate schools and colleges to the governments of their respective provinces so that the student will move forward and bring a system like private schools and after one month every school Teachers and students will work only if they are severely punished for their deeds.

In universities, there are daily strikes sometimes by students and sometimes by teachers, which causes government affairs to come to a standstill, but our rulers have no problem.

Education creates awareness in human beings, through which human beings can distinguish between good and bad, and it is directly related to the qualifications of teachers and our education system. The university is a school where people come here to shine their fortunes. People can see the difference between good and bad. But some universities waste their children’s time in the cycle of their money, which should not be the case. At the same time, we should get Islamic education.

Education is the ornament that beautifies the character of human beings. We should also promote our culture along with the modern education. Nowadays, most of us have forgotten our culture.

Reforms in the field of education is the need of hour so that all resources can be utilized for future generations.

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