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Muslims hold first Friday prayer at new Tokyo mosque

The first Friday prayer was held at a new mosque and community center established in the Nishi Kasai district in Edogawa, which is about 15 minutes by train from central Tokyo.

According to media reports, the imam led a Friday prayer for about 80 Muslims on the second floor. The audio was conveyed through loudspeakers to the first floor of the building in an area set up for females worshippers.

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The Imam volunteer Abdul Wahid has said that this is a wonderful opportunity to open an Islamic Center in Nishi Kasai to serve a Muslim community as well as our neighbors and local community and society at large. He said that we are offering our services, to serve Islam and to teach Islamic values.

“The Islamic Center will open its doors to all who want to learn about Islam and those who need any social help,” he added.

The Secretary-General of the Japan Islamic Trust, Haroon Qureshi has said that the establishment is run by the Japan Islamic Trust which is a religious organization running nine mosques in Japan. He thanked the cooperation of the local Muslims in Japan and many donors from more than 70 countries.