PM Imran Khan vows to continue his fight for Pakistan till last ball


The Prime Minister (PM) and Chairman of Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan has vowed that he will continue his fight for Pakistan till the last ball.

According to details, the Prime Minister has expressed his views in a statement on social networking website Twitter on Thursday. He said that he has also convened a meeting of the parliamentary committee and cabinet tomorrow.

PM imran Khan has said that he would address the nation tomorrow evening. In the tweet he wrote, “I have called a cabinet meeting tomorrow as well as our party meeting, & tomorrow evening I will address the nation. My message to our nation is I have always & will continue to fight for Pak till the last ball.”

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Earlier, an important consultative meeting was held in Bani Gala under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Imran Khan, in which the resignations of party members of the National Assembly were also considered.

It should be noted that after the rejection of the no-confidence motion in the National Assembly, the decision of the suo motu notice taken by the Supreme Court was pronounced. Declaring the rolling of the Deputy Speaker null and void in the decision of the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court restored the dissolved assembly.

The Supreme Court has directed the Speaker of the National Assembly to convene a meeting of the Assembly on Saturday morning and hold a vote on the no-confidence motion.

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