Shahzaib Rind reveals his next target


Shahzaib Rind – the Karate Fighter of Pakistan – has said that he is happy to win the karate competition against India and make his country proud.

According to the details, the Pakistani karate fighter expressed his views while talking to media persons in Quetta. He said that he knocked out the Indian fighter in the first round and he struggled alone to reach this stage both physically and financially. He urged the government to support this industry and its role models and make a way for the new fighters who can make Pakistan proud across the globe.

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While talking about the Bollywood superstar Salman Khan who watched the whole match, Shahzaib Rind said that the actor has also seen his old fights. He said that Salman Khan asked him whether he was knocking out everyone in just 20 seconds every time.

The Pakistani fighter further stated that the Actor Imran Abbas also came to Dubai to watch the fight and to support him. He said that the flags of Pakistan and India together sent a message of peace to the world. At the moment I am in second place in the world, he said.

“My next goal is to compete in the world championship, I will make the country proud by competing with the world champion,” the fighter added.

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