Wrestling Star Chris Jericho donates $10,000 to Damar Hamlin charity

The wrestling superstar, Chris Jericho donated $10,000 to Damar Hamlin charity.

According to the media reports, Chris Jericho initially donated $5,000 to Damar Hamlin charity and misspelled his name. He donated another $5,000 with the correct spelling.

The reports have said that donations have skyrocketed after Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field during Monday Night Football. CPR was administered for several minutes and he is hospitalized in critical condition.

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It is to be mentioned here that the wrestling star Chris Jericho is currently listed as the top donor and the total amount donated by everyone is well over $2 million as of this writing. As we’ve written about before, Jericho has donated to many great causes. Here is a partial list of donations that Jericho has made over the years:

– $2,500 to help with medical costs related to Axl Rotten’s spinal injuries
– $1,000 to help save Paul Orndorff’s house
– $5,000 to help cover the funeral expenses for Balls Mahoney
– $2,500 towards the fundraiser set up by Tyler Breeze and Kevin Owens for the victims of the Alberta forest fires
– $3,000 towards Rico Constantino’s medical bills
– $2,500 towards Rex King’s funeral costs
– $2,500 to help with Jerry Lynn pay for several medical procedures
– $2,000 towards the Buffalo Brothers Car Accident Recovery Fund
– $500 to help a sick cat named Jax
– $2,000 to help with former Smoky Mountain Ring announcer Tommy Noe’s medical costs
– $2,500 to help friend Alexandria Finley beat cancer
– $300 (out of the $300 goal) to help get boots for wrestler Black Dragon (Bret Komo)
– $5,000 to help save Kamala’s house
– $1,000 to help Barbi Hayden with her friend’s funeral
– $1,000 to help Mandy Branson buy a wheelchair lift for a 22-year old man with cerebral palsy
– $1,500 for Superstar Billy Graham’s emergency medical fund
– $1,500 towards Brian Knobbs medical costs
– $5,000 to help George Floyd’s legal and travel expenses
– $5,000 to help Shad Gaspard’s family
– $5,000 towards Kamala’s funeral costs and family expenses
– $2,500 to Steve “Mongo” McMichael’s GoFundMe campaign to help cover medical expenses
– $2,500 to the family of Mohammad Anwar, who was killed in a carjacking in Washington, D.C.

According to the GoFundMe page, 100% of the funds raised will go towards the purchase of toys for kids in need. The Chasing M’s Foundation Community Toy Drive is located in Mckees Rocks, PA.

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