Ali Zafar releases tribute to Ali Sadpara, ‘Paharon Ki Qasam’

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The Pakistani singer and actor, Ali Zafar has released a tribute to, the mountaineer who went missing while climbing the K2 on February 9th, Muhammad Ali Sadpara.

According to details, the name of the song is “Paharon Ki Qasam”. Ali Zafar recreated the song and the orignal song was sung by Kamal Masood. The new version of the song also features the traditional instruments used in the original version.

The video track has featured a a compilation of shots of Ali Sadpara and scenic shots of the mountains. The song has been by Ali Zafar’s production house Lightingale Records.

It is pertinent to mention here that Ali Sadpara went missing on an expedition on K2 along with two other climbers, Juan Pablo Mohr and John Snorri Sigurjonsson.

Check out the song here:

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