Hareem Shah Leaked Video: Who did it & why?


Hareem Shah Leaked Video: The TikTok star who usually makes the headlines due to controversial reasons, Hareem Shah responded to her recently leaked videos on social media.

Talking to a private news channel, Hareem Shah confirmed that the leaked video is personal and genuine. She said that her videos were leaked by her friends Sandal Khattak and Ayesha Naz. She said that they who threatened her multiple times before uploading her videos.

The TikTok star further stated that both her friends were very close to her and they used to live together and had access to her mobile phone. She said that she filmed these videos herself on mobile phone a few years ago.

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“One of them was filmed in Karachi while another was made in Islamabad. But Sandal and Ayesha were living with me at that time and they had stolen my phone and saved the videos. Before my videos went viral, I had received threats from Sandal and Ayesha, saying that they would make my videos viral,” she added.

The social media star said that she had also approached the FIA after the threats but the agency said that action cannot be taken until the content is made public. My friends did that to create problems in my happy married life. They leaked my personal video by stealing them from my phone out of jealous and envy, she said, adding that she will take action against them soon.

Bilal Shah, her husband, said that Hareem told him that she had filed a complaint to the FIA a year before these videos went viral but the FIA told her to wait till the content is made public. He said that he is standing with Hareem and will soon take legal action.