Boyfriend will deserve to get beaten very badly if he cheats & doesn’t accept: Saboor Aly

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The talented and young starlet of Pakistani entertainment industry, Saboor Aly has said that her boyfriend will deserve to get beaten very badly by her if he doesn’t accept his mistakes of cheating.

According to details, the actress appeared in Voice Over Man show where she talked about many interesting things and her responses were hilarious. She also shared her comments on what she will do if she finds her boyfriend cheating on her with another girl?

Wajahat Rauf, the host of the show, has asked Saboor Aly, “What will you do if your boyfriend cheats on you? Option 1) Make a deal like Uzma Khan 2) Lots of melodrama and crying 3) Take advise from Adnan Siddiqui because of his experience 4) Beat the girl and leave the guy which usually happens.”

The young starlet responded with a sensible answer. She said, “What is the girl’s fault? If your own boyfriend is not loyal. If he accepts his mistake that he was cheating then I will forgive. He will be on his way and I will be on my way. If he doesn’t accept his mistake then he deserves to get beaten very badly by me.”