British investors show interest in financial, capital market of Pakistan


The British investors have shown a strong desire to investigate attractive investment prospects in the financial and capital markets of Pakistan, demonstrating a growing desire on both sides to further economic cooperation.

According to the media reports, the British investors, senior leaders of London’s capital and financial market, have shown their interest during a meeting with Caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar in London today (Monday, September 25). The notable investment firms represented at this gathering include Fidelity International Limited, Wellington Management, Ashmore, Jefferies International, Redwheel Capital, Switex Industrial SA, Oxford Frontier Capital, GuarantCo, JP Morgan, Kalrock Capital, and UBL UK.

Anwaar-ul-Had Kakar, the interim prime minister, gave the team information on Pakistan’s economic situation at the time, emphasizing government initiatives to strengthen the country’s external balance. According to him, recent administrative decisions made the Pakistani rupee stronger versus the US dollar, encouraging hope for stability. He said that encouraging signs including inflows from friendly countries, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, and others helped to lower inflation, stabilize reserves, and revive industrial growth.

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The Caretaker Prime Minister discussed the possibility of foreign direct investment in Pakistan’s important industries as well as the success of the Stand-By Arrangement with the IMF, which has exceeded expectations and stabilized the country’s economy and currency. He also emphasized forthcoming expansion in agriculture and manufacturing, as well as economic advantages like reduced inflation with an anticipated persistent decline. In addition to fiscal measures for monetary assistance and medium-term inflation targets, he cited better trade following the lifting of import barriers.

PM Kakar also emphasized Pakistan’s investment-friendly initiatives by forming the Special Investment Facilitation Council. This program, headed by the prime minister himself, simplifies the business environment while streamlining investment procedures, luring capital into important industries, and fostering long-term growth. The British investors wanted to know whether the IMF program would continue in Pakistan and whether reform attempts would be made in the short to medium term. They received assurance from the prime minister that Pakistan has demonstrated its commitment to the IMF program by implementing changes agreed to by the IMF.

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