Dr. Saveera Parkash – first Hindu woman contesting for a general seat from Buner – lauds her followers on social media


Dr. Saveera Parkash – the first Hindu woman contesting for a general seat in Pakistan from the conservative Buner region – gives credit to her followers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for supporting her on social media.

In a video statement, Dr. Saveera Parkash said that it is a collective effort to promote the country’s soft image. But she fears that bad comments from some can ruin that. She said, “Alhamdulillah, I never would have guessed that you guys are so loving and supportive of the pictures and movies I share on Facebook. Additionally, some nasty remarks contain blatantly incorrect statements. Certain comments contain profanity.”

Since the Pakistan Peoples Party’s announcement of fielding Parkash for general elections from Buner, she has received massive support from her town and around the country. If all goes well, she will become one of the youngest Parliamentarians at 25.

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Saveera Parkash, who is now known as the “daughter of Buner” shares her campaign pictures and videos on Facebook and X. She pointed out to her critics that even if she is not Muslim, she is still a “Pakhtuna.” She said that her supporters had put forth a lot of effort and asked people to respect women. I am grateful to all of my brothers and sisters who have supported me by liking, commenting on, and sharing my postings. To give the world a positive impression of not only Pakistan but also KP, Buner, and the Pakthun nation, everyone must cooperate.

Saveera, who got into politics because of her father, continued by saying that people “focus on” remarks, bemoaning the fact that profanity would go unanswered. She asked people on social media to refrain from making hurtful remarks. “Since I have a lot of support, I dismiss comments like these. However, everyone can see it and ruin our hard work.

It is pertinent to mention here that Buner, one of the most conservative areas of the nation, lies 156.7 km from Peshawar and borders Afghanistan. However, the district was also home to Sikh and Hindu communities before the partition.

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