Esra Bilgic shares interesting note about faith, love and life

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The Turkish actress who portrays the role of Halime Sultan in famous drama series Dirilis Ertugrul or Ertugrul Ghazi, Esra Bilgic has shared an interesting note about faith, love and life.

According to details, the Turkish actress took to her Instagram account and shared pictures of sky on the beach. The actress said that she believed in life, loved the people who loved her and had faith in orders of the things. She said that if she did not have faith in all these things she would have been convinced in fact that everything was a disorderly, damnable and perhaps devil-ridden chaos.

Esra Bilgic aka Halime Sultan wrote, “Do you know I’ve been sitting here thinking to myself: that if I didn’t believe in life, if I lost faith in the people I love, lost faith in the order of things, were convinced in fact that everything is a disorderly, damnable, and perhaps devil-ridden chaos. if I were struck by every horror of man’s disillusionment still I want to live. Having once tasted of the cup, I would not turn away from it till I had drained it!”

The Turkish star has shared the message both in Turkish and English languages.

On the work front Esra Bilgic is currently seen in crime drama Ramo.