Jannat Mirza vacationing in Hunza

Jannat Mirza vacationing in Hunza

The famous Pakistani TikTok star, Jannat Mirza is one of the most admired and followed social media influencer in the country.

Jannat Mirza has got her fame through her lip-syncs, slow-motion clips and parodies on TikTok. She is the most followed celebrity on any social media platforms in the country.

The social media influencer has recently achieved 13.9 million followers and was the first Pakistani TikTok star to reach such a massive following. This number of followers is far higher than many famous celebrities of Pakistan’s entertainment industry.

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She has also worked in music videos and her song ‘Shayer’ was one of the hit songs of the year.

Jannat Mirza was recently spotted having fun in northern areas of the country. She has shared her pictures on her Instagram account.

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