Hareem Shah threatens to leak photos and videos after Imran Khan’s arrest


The controversial and well-known TikTok star of Pakistan, Hareem Shah has threatened to leak videos and photos after PTI Chairman and former Prime Minister was sentenced to 3 years in prison in the Toshakhana case.

According to the details, TikTok star Hareem Shah made this statement on the social networking website Twitter today (Saturday, August 5). While reacting to the PTI chairman’s jail sentence, she wrote that ‘Listen, listen, if there is an attempt to arrest Imran Khan, then I will upload all the photos and videos on social media.

After the arrest of Imran Khan, the social media star shared another post in which she wrote that “Khan’s crime is that he wants to change the destiny of this country. Khan’s crime is that he thinks about the poor. Khan’s crime is that he exposes the elite of this country. Khan’s crime is that he does not bow down to the mafia.”

It is pertinent to mention here that the Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and former Prime Minister, Imran Khan has been arrested from Lahore after the decision of Islamabad Sessions Court in the Toshakhana case today (Saturday, August 5).

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According to media reports, the PTI Chairman could be moved to Kot Lakhpat before being taken to Islamabad. The police have deployed more officers in various nooks and crannies throughout the Federal Capital Islamabad. The police also compiled a list of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf workers in the Federal Capital. In the event of a protest, there is a chance of retaliation against the workers.

Following the verdict of the Islamabad Sessions Court to sentence PTI Chairman Imran Khan to three years in prison and his arrest in the Toshakhana case, barriers were built on the highways leading to Zaman Park in Lahore.

Earlier, the Sessions Court sentenced PTI Chairman to three years imprisonment in the Toshakhana case. A hearing was held on the admissibility of the Tosha Khana case in the Sessions Court.

Judge Humayun Dilawar noted in his judgment that the claims against Chairman PTI in the Toshakhana case are established, as is the charge of revealing phony assets against him. He added that Chairman PTI had received a three-year prison term and that arrest warrants had been issued for him. He claimed that Chairman PTI had been fined one lakh rupees and that the motion for admission had been denied.

It is to be noted here that Hareem Shah formerly leak several photos and videos of prominent personalities on social media. She claimed that she has much more videos and pictures of other prominent personalities as well.