It’s sad to call bench of Chief Justice as a fixed bench


The Chief of Awami Muslim League and former Interior Minister, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has criticized the ruling alliance and said that it is very sad to call the bench of the Chief Justice as a fixed bench.

According to details, Sheikh Rashid has expressed his views in a statement on social networking website Twitter on Tuesday. He said that a no-confidence motion has to be brought against the Prime Minister who is plotting 2 votes.

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The former former minister has said that after the army, the Supreme Court is now being built. He asked the ruling coalition to tell them which are their favorite judges.

Expressing his anger, the AML Chief has said that they are further destroying the economy by selling assets, now Muslim League-N is also running away from the election. He said that the government boycotted only the media and targeted the Supreme Court.

Sheikh Rashid further stated that Asif Ali Zardari first fought the Chaudhry brothers, now the Sharif brothers are on his target. He said that ruling coalition first caused political instability and destruction of the economy, then criticized the army and now attacked the Chief Justice.

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