Junagadh Nawab Jehangir Khanji passes away in Karachi


Junagadh Nawab Sahibzada Mohammad Jehangir Khanji breathed his last in Karachi today (Thursday, July 20th).

According to the media reports, the Nawab of Junagadh, Sahibzada Mohammad Jehangir Khanji, passed away in Karachi. The Ministry of States and Frontier Regions has expressed its deepest condolences on the death of Sahibzada Mohammad Jehangir Khanji on behalf of the Government of Pakistan.

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It is pertinent to mention here that the grandfather of Sahibzada Jehangir, Nawab Mahabat Khan, as the Ruler of Junagadh State had signed the instrument of accession to Pakistan on 15th September 1947.

Nawab Jehangir Khanji made tireless efforts and struggle to highlight the issue of Junagadh’s liberation from Indian occupation at all international forums.