NAB using accountability for political witch hunting: PPP

Nawaz Sharif

The Secretary General of the Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarians, Farhatullah Babar said that PPP deplores and condemns the vicious lies propagated by a private television alleging back channel contacts of the Party with the government as a result of which the Party is alleged to have backtracked from its criticism of the NAB in the Parliament.

In a statement on Tuesday, he said that neither there are back channel contacts with the government nor the Party has relented from its condemnation of the NAB as a tool of political re-engineering.

It was on the PPP’s initiative that the motion was taken up in the Senate that lay bare how NAB was working as the political arm of the regime, he recalled.

Farhatullah Babar has said that the PPP believes that the country can neither achieve economic progress nor political stability as long accountability is used for political witch hunting by the NAB in its present form and legislation.

He said that no accountability will be genuine unless everyone who is paid out of the national exchequer is judged under the same accountability mechanism and the same accountability law which also respects constitutional requirements of due process and fair trial as in Article 10-A of the Constitution.

“It is most unfortunate that the TV channel allowed itself to be used as propaganda arm of the regime to sow dissensions within the combined opposition that is determined to pursue its democratic campaign against the selected government as well as its selectors,” he added.