Pakistan desires to enhance cooperation with Europe in different spheres: FM

News Desk

Pakistan desires to enhance cooperation with the European countries in different spheres, the Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has said, adding that Pakistan and the European Union signed a strategic engagement plan in June 2019 to promote cooperation.

According to media reports, the Foreign Minister has made these remarks at a luncheon hosted in honor of the European envoys at the foreign office in Islamabad on Wednesday.

The Foreign Minister said Pakistan desires cordial relations with the neighboring countries on the basis of equality. He said India is endangering the regional peace and stability through its state terrorism.

The Foreign Minister further stated that we have provided irrefutable evidence regarding Indian support to the terrorists. He said the EU Disinfo Lab has unmasked the true face of India.

FM Qureshi said Pakistan has sincerely played its role in the Afghan peace process.

“Pakistan has hosted the Afghan refugees over the last many decades and we want their dignified return to their homeland,” he added.