Pakistan put broad limitations on selling weapons


Other than the Pakistan Ordinance Factory (POF), the federal government has put broad limitations on the sale of weapons across the country.

According to the media reports, the Interior Ministry has issued a notification in this regard. The notification said that the receipts from weapons dealers excluding those from the Pakistan Ordinance Factory will now be deemed invalid for arms transactions as per the directive.

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It was made plain that dealer receipts would no longer be accepted, and that arms dealers would be prohibited from dealing in forbidden bore weapons. The government asserted that weapon holders are required to solely purchase arms from the POF and that purchasing from other dealers disqualifies the transaction from receiving an arms license.

Pakistan has a high rate of gun ownership, which has been associated with a high degree of gun violence. Illegal firearms are frequently utilized in criminal activity, contributing to an atmosphere of dread and insecurity. Authorities are taking strict measures to combat the issue of weapons, but these efforts have largely failed.

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