PM directs for devising mechanism to ensure stability in wheat prices and give subsidy

News Desk

The Prime Minister Imran Khan has said there is no shortage of edible items in the country. He has directed for devising a mechanism to ensure stability in the prices of wheat across the country and give direct subsidy on flour to those living below the poverty line.

According to media reports, the Prime Minister was chairing a meeting in Islamabad to review prices of daily commodities on Wednesday. He said government would continue to take effective steps to ensure stability in prices of daily commodities, especially the flour and wheat.

Imran Khan also directed Ministry of National Food Security to formulate a strategy in this regard in collaboration with other relevant ministries.

The Special Assistant on Youth Affairs, Usman Dar submitted a report compiled with help of Tiger Force volunteers enlisting ground realities about prices of daily use items.

The Premier directed the provincial governments to launch a full sale drive against hoarders and profiteers with help of district administration.