PM Khan welcomes formation of Pak-Afghan Trade & Investment Forum

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The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has welcomed formation of Pak-Afghan Trade and Investment Forum. He hoped that the neighboring country will work with the elected government of Pakistan.

According to media reports, the Prime Minister was addressing a ceremony in Islamabad on Monday. He said peace in Afghanistan is important for promotion of trade and economic activities in the region which will bring prosperity and provide job opportunities to the people.

The Prime Minister also reaffirmed Pakistan’s strong determination to continue to play its role for peace and stability in Afghanistan. While referring to the belligerent posture of Indian government, he expressed concern that India could use the Afghan land to destabilize Pakistan.

However, Imran Khan said our government has decided to strengthen relations with Afghanistan, no matter who is in power. He said the government is giving priority to uplift the business community and take the country towards industrialization for wealth creation.

“We are making efforts to enhance connections with the business community of Afghanistan in order to benefit from each other’s experiences and give impetus to the trade and economic relations,” he added.