President Alvi says entire nation deserves credit for country’s win against Covid19

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Entire nation including the government and the religious scholars deserve the credit for the country’s win against the novel coronavirus pandemic as the curve of Covid19 is flattening, the President Dr Arif Alvi has said, adding that the country’s testing capacity has been enhanced to 70,000 per day.

According to media reports, the President of Pakistan expressed his views in an interview with a private TV channel. He said the incumbent government did not get panicked and took care of the poor people to save them from the adverse economic impacts of the pandemic.

“The ongoing debate on NFC Award, 18th Amendment and other subjects is healthy sign which will bring improvement,” he added.

Dr. Arif Alvi, about the government’s anti-corruption efforts, has said for the first time the probe reports into corruption scams were made public which would create a deterrent for the corrupt people.

About the civil-military ties, the President said all four pillars of the state are on same page and same direction when it comes to the interest of the state.

Turning to Indian atrocities in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the President said by Muslims’ persecution, India is distorting its own history. He said Prime Minister Imran Khan had rightly labeled the BJP as a fascist party, which is pursuing the agenda of Hindu supremacy.

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