Saba Qamar unveils her story of success, failures, struggles in Ahsan Khan’s YouTube show Lo Kar Lo Baat


Saba Qamar – the star actress in Pakistan who also performed in a border far movie and acclaimed her fame – has joined her co-star and longtime friend, Ahsan Khan, on the inaugural episode of his new YouTube show, “Lo Kar Lo Baat.”

According to the details, Saba Qamar started her career with small roles and then she flew toward the sky of success due to her unwavering passion for acting. Saba and Ahsan traversed the streets of Lahore, delving into their professional journey and reminiscing about years past.

During the first episode of Lo Kar Lo Baat, Ahsan Khan lauded the exceptional confidence of Saba Qamar. They both also explored their shared enthusiasm for work. Khan highlighted Saba’s punctuality, which often causes stress for him, as she consistently arrives on set before him. In terms of self-development, Ahsan praised her progress, adding that genuine goodness shines through. He praised her for focusing on her abilities as well as her attractiveness. In response, Saba emphasized the importance of making errors, viewing them as a means of refining and growing personally.

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Saba expressed her desire to collaborate with Bollywood icons and become a celebrity while discussing her childhood goals and belief in manifestation, highlighting the power of the law of attraction. She expressed her respect for Bulleh Shah and provided a new viewpoint on love, arguing for its unconditional nature.

Saba compared marriage to a “ladoo” that does not eradicate the tendency to whine. Nonetheless, she emphasized the significance of taking the risk and experiencing it. She praised the shift in public perception toward serious content, citing the success of her picture “Kamli,” which, despite its modest presentation, resonated with audiences.

Looking ahead, Saba revealed her aspirations to relocate abroad and attend film school, with the goal of directing her own film. “If your life doesn’t have aims or goals, then what are you doing?” she concluded, expressing a desire for constant progress and the pursuit of new challenges. “I’d rather die than live.”

On the work front, Qamar has appeared in a number of productions and will next be seen in Serial Killer. She has previously appeared in films such as Baaghi, Manto, Cheekh, and Tumhare Husn Ke Naam. Check out the episode here:

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