We are Selfish, we intentionally consuming our generation’s part of energy: NEECA

Our Correspondent

The Managing Director of National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NEECA), Dr. Muhazzam said that Pakistan is amongst the top 10 most vulnerable countries to climate change and we have to ensure Energy Efficiency and conservation mandate in all 5 major sectors of the economy to reduce the chances of vulnerability. He further added that we need to aware the people to change their behaviors in terms of energy efficiency and conservation.

According to details, Dr Muhazzam has stated these while addressing a seminar conducted by NEECA on Energy Efficiency and Conservation at RIPHAH University Rawalpindi on Monday. The seminar was followed by distinct speakers from the energy sector, including the Managing Director NEECA; National Project Manager,NEECA; Dean, Preston University, Kohat, Sr.Program Lead, SAARC Energy Center, and , Associate Professor, NUTECH.

MD NEECA said that we have set strategic goals for the next 3 years. He also said that we need to switch to energy efficient appliances and build our buildings according to building energy codes/standards and for this purpose we (NEECA) is holding meetings with different builders and architects to ensure energy efficient buildings. He offered the students to come forward with research projects, new ideas and thoughts to work with NEECA.

The experts from NEECA, academicians and technical experts on energy sector engaged with the students and faculty at RIFAH University to raise awareness regarding Energy Efficiency and Conservation while informing them how they can play their role in making Pakistan Energy Efficient by switching to energy efficient appliances and introducing those in their social circle, homes and daily life.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Ahmad from SAARC energy has said that student can play vital role in Energy Efficiency and Conservation. He said that we all are responsible for energy consumption and we have to change our primitive approach towards energy consumption.

“More than 45 percent of energy is consumed in buildings which is unfortunately a high percentage, so we are supposed to take care of energy efficiency and have to switch to appliances which are energy efficient,” he added.

From NUTECH, Gondal said that Energy Efficiency and Conservation isn’t a rocket science concept. The only thing which we have to do is to intelligently consume the available energy. He said that we as a nation lavishly and carelessly use our resources such as we have consumed much natural gas and now we are facing the crises of lack of natural gas. We have to focus on our academics area and have to engage students to bring innovations in the field of Energy.

Hasnain from NEECA, said on the occasion that NEECA is all set to introduce LED Lighting into the market which is energy efficient. He added that we are selfish in consuming our energy because we are intentionally consuming our generation’s part of energy.

NEECA is an Authority established under the Ministry of Energy (Power Division) and serves as a federal focal agency mandated for initiating, catalyzing and coordinating all Energy Conservation activities in different sectors of economy. NEECA is in the process of revising national energy efficiency and conservation policy; and revitalizing energy measures in the country.