Actor Aagha Ali did not want to marry


The Pakistani actor and host, Aagha Ali has revealed that he did not want to get married.

According to the details, Pakistan showbiz industry actor and host Aagha Ali gave an interview to a private channel recently, in which he answered various questions from the host. While answering a question regarding marriage, the actor revealed that he did not want to get married.

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To the curiosity of the host, the Pakistani actor further said that sharing everything with someone is a big decision, but now after marrying Hina Altaf, I thank God for getting married. However, before marriage, all the friends seemed to give the same advice not to get married, after getting married, the person gets stuck, and so on.

The actor added that before the marriage he knew Hina for a few months but did not know her that well, so there was a fear when getting married because of all these things, but thankfully, marriage is a good thing and should be done.

It is pertinent to mention here that they both met for the first time during the shooting of the 2019 drama ‘Dil Gumshuda’. During the shooting of the drama, they both fell in love, and then both decided to get married soon.

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