Actress and Model Zainab Jamil left showbiz for Islam

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The Pakistani model and actress, Zainab Jamil has quit the showbiz industry to learn more about the teachings of Islam.

According to details, Zainab Jamil has announced to quit the showbiz industry. She made an announcement on her Instagram page.

In the Instagram post, she stated, “I am proud to announce that I have quit acting and modelling.”

The actress has also thanked Allah Almighty for giving her the privilege of studying Qur’an and Hadith.

Zainab Jamil further added that she will now live her life according to Islamic teachings and get the most out of Islam.

In her Instagram story she said, “For those who are really concerned and have been asking me why did I take this decision at once, I really respect your concern that’s the reason I’m posting this one otherwise in my opinion I’m late I should have make this announcement a lot earlier but maybe I wasn’t ready or I was in search of few answers.”

“Actually now it’s been 3 years that I’m studying Quran with tafseer and as usual I am not an easy student, thanks to my teachers for bearing with my all stupid questions and doubts which I had and bringing me to the point where I finally thought I loved whereas I didn’t because whenever I was on set working I was not completely satisfied there was always something which used to make me think ‘kuch missing hai yeh vo nahi hai jo mujhe karna hai’ (Something is missing, this is not what I want to do) things like that were always striking in with all due respect to those who are working in this field I’m not hurting anyone’s feelings to work as actor but we all are different so this is my different,” she added.

The 31-year-old actress was famous for different role in Pakistani dramas. She has acted in several dramas like Susral Meri Behen ka, Sada Sukhi Raho, Manchli, Mil Ke Hum Na Milla and Aapke Kaneez.