Actress Constance Wu believes in ghosts


The American Actress, Constance Wu has revealed that she believes in ghosts and opened up about her encounters with the spirits.

According to details, Actress Constance Wu made these remarks during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. She said that she believes in ghosts but not in the way most people do.

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The 2:22 — A Ghost Story actress said, “I don’t think it’s a spooky, scary, haunted thing. I think ghost encounters are very ordinary. Mine happened in broad daylight in a neighborhood, not in a haunted house or with any scary vibes around. I saw a very old lady standing there, and she was very nice with these thick glasses. And then, just like that, she was gone. It wasn’t scary, and she wasn’t threatening. It just seemed like she was a little lost.”

It should be noted that “2:22 – A Ghost Story” depicts two couples who check whether the house is haunted by staying up until 2:22.

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