Antalya declaration recognises Pakistan’s principled position on Kashmir dispute

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Pakistan’s principled position on Jammu and Kashmir dispute in line with the United Nations Security Council resolutions has been recognised.

According to media reports, Pakistan’s position has been recognised by the conference of speakers of Parliaments of China, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Russia and Turkey held in Antalya.

The National Assembly Speaker, Asad Qaiser led a Parliamentary delegation to participate in the fourth Speakers Conference on “Countering Terrorism and Strengthening Regional Connectivity” in Antalya.

The Antalya declaration adopted by the six countries stressed the need for all states to avoid politicization of Financial Action Task Force, a tactic that India continuously employ against Pakistan. It has also adopted Pakistan’s iteration that COVID-19 vaccines must be made affordable for the peoples of the developing countries so as to ensure access of vulnerable populations to vaccines.

The declaration also noted that for ensuring global and regional peace and stability, all outstanding issues in the region, including the Jammu and Kashmir dispute, need to be resolved in accordance with the relevant UNSC resolutions.