Architects training is important for energy-efficient buildings for future: NEECA

Our Correspondent

The Managing Director of National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NEECA), Dr. Sardar Muhazzam has said that the building sector is one of our top priority and we are striving to build a mechanism to develop energy efficiency and conservation in it. He said that the awareness and training of the architects is important for switching into energy-efficient buildings for the future.

According to details, Dr. Sardar Muhazzam has stated this while addressing a consultation session conducted by NEECA on Step Toward implementation of building energy codes in Islamabad on Wednesday. The consultation session is intended to open the platform for key stakeholders including architects, engineers, designers and builders’ policymakers, real estate developers, regarding how the targeted beneficiaries can be enabled to incorporate efficiently energy use practices, which are ultimately influenced by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Policy, as suggested by NEECA.

The panel discussion was also followed by Head of Technical Unit NEECA Engr. Asad Mehmood, President ASHRAE Pakistan Adeeba Mehboob, PEC Representative Dr Basharat Hassan, Senior Representative ABAD, Director PGBC Rashid Rasheed, and participants from various fields related to energy.

The Managing Director further stated that we have set the target to achieve 0.5 MTOE in the building sector in our 3-year goals. He said that our Training of Trainers Program (TOT) has already started from yesterday and we have planned to extend it to thousands of trainers.

Sardar Muhazzam added that NEECA has actively and effectively played a role in NAYA Pakistan project and we further need support from all the stakeholders to move forward and work together and the mandatory part should be the Energy Efficiency and Conservation.

On the occasion, Asad Mehmood has said that we have done our interventions in the Brick Kiln industry in terms of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation and now we are moving forward to the building sector to ensure Energy Efficiency in it.

He said that generally, people look into the cost when they build buildings and they do not care about Energy Efficiency and Conservation.

“We would be heading toward residential buildings in order to improve and ensure Energy Efficiency in them,” he added.

Dr. Basharat Hassan highlighted that we need Net Zero and Eco-friendly buildings and for this purpose, we need to have structure, architecture design and all other materials which are composed of Energy Efficiency and conservation.

Director PGBC Rashid Rasheed has said that we need to have structure and design of how can we implement any kind of standards. He said that we have to focus on energy and water efficiency in the building sector in order to achieve the target of Energy Efficiency and Conservation as a whole.