China urges US to focus on self-improvement rather than trying to block others from advancing

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The Foreign Minister of China, Wang Yi has admonished Washington’s combative approach to foreign relations. He insisted that China-US ties would improve if both nations sought cooperation and self-improvement.

According to media reports, the Chines Foreign Minister has made these remarks during a wide-ranging interview with state media.

The Chinese Foreign Minister acknowledged that Beijing’s relationship with Washington has faced unprecedented difficulties because the American side is attempting to suppress China and start a new Cold War.

Wang Yi has said that such provocations hurt the interests of both nations and that the strategy of confrontation was ultimately doomed to fail. He noted that Washington may feel anxious about China’s rapid development. But he urged the Unites States (US) to focus on self-improvement rather than trying to block others from advancing.

Chinese FM stressed that as China becomes a larger player on the world stage, it will not attempt to emulate Washington’s behavior.

Wang Yi said, “We don’t need a world where China becomes another US. This is neither rational nor feasible. Rather, the USt should try to make itself a better country, and China will surely become its better self.”

He insisted that China has never interfered in the internal affairs of the US and that it was ready to pursue a relationship with Washington based on cooperation and stability. He expressed hope that the Biden administration will return to a sensible approach and restart cooperation between US and China.

The Chinese Foreign Minister also urged Washington to draw lessons from the past which allow for a model of peaceful coexistence.