CM Naqvi inaugurates 100-bed Children’s Hospital in Gujranwala


Mohsin Naqvi – the Caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab – has inaugurated the newly established 100-bed Children’s Hospital in Gujranwala today (Wednesday, November 22), marking a significant milestone in enhancing healthcare services in the region.

Speaking on the occasion, the Caretaker Punjab Chief Minister highlighted the crucial role the Gujranwala Children’s Hospital will play in alleviating the patients’ load at the District Headquarters Hospital. He expressed appreciation for the efficient administration, acknowledging their commendable efforts in successfully establishing this state-of-the-art children’s hospital within an impressive timeframe of six months.

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During a comprehensive briefing prior to the inauguration, Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi was apprised that the establishment of the Children’s Hospital incurred a total investment of 100 million rupees, reflecting a commitment to providing quality healthcare facilities for the region’s young population.

The ceremony was attended by notable politicians, healthcare experts, and community leaders, highlighting the collaborative efforts to improve Gujranwala’s healthcare infrastructure. This effort demonstrates the caretaker government’s commitment to prioritizing healthcare development and ensuring individuals throughout the region have access to modern medical facilities. The Gujranwala Children’s Hospital is a monument to the government’s commitment to improving the general well-being of its citizens.