Colombia planning new mercenary attacks on Venezuela in next couple of days: President Maduro

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The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro has said that Colombian forces, backed by the President of Colombia Ivan Duque Marquez, are plotting to attack the Venezuelan military in the next couple of days.

According to media reports, the Venezuelan President has said in a speech on Monday that Colombia is preparing new attacks against the country’s military, with trained mercenaries, with funding from Ivan Duque, preparing attacks at the end of this year or the first days of 2021.

Nicolas Maduro stated this while praising the national armed forces. He was referencing a May incident, which greatly heightened tensions between Caracas and Bogota. The military of Venezuela then engaged a squad of armed individuals who were trying to infiltrate the country, killing several of them and capturing over a dozen, including two former US Green Berets.

The government of Venezuela pinned the blame for the failed incursion on Colombia and the United States (US), with Maduro claiming that the group’s objective was to kill the president of Venezuela.

However both Washington and Bogota denied these accusations, dismissing them as unfounded.

According to Russia Today, the contentious incident itself came around a year after a failed military coup attempt led by the Venezuelan opposition headed by Juan Guaido, who was openly supported by the US and some of its allies.