Dr. Zenab Mansoor makes Pakistan proud by summiting Mount Everest: Masood Khan


Dr. Zenab Mansoor, a Pakistani-origin pediatrician currently based in Seattle, Washington, makes Pakistan proud with her awe-inspiring feat of summiting Mount Everest.

According to the media reports, the Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States Masood Khan has congratulated Dr. Zenab Mansoor on her spectacular achievement. The Ambassador said that the Pakistani-origin pediatrician made the country proud with her accomplishment.

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The Pakistani Ambassador to the United States further stated that Dr. Zenab Mansoor’s achievement showed the immense potential of Pakistani women. This makes Pakistan proud and sets a high bar for future generations, especially girls, to dream without limits, he added.

The Pak-origin pediatric physician Dr. Zenab shared her ecstatic achievement with Ambassador Masood Khan, saying she was honored to raise the Pakistan flag on Mount Everest. Summiting the world’s tallest mountain represents human determination, perseverance, and the spirit of discovery.

Dr. Zenab is one of the trailblazing women of Pakistan, the third Pakistani woman to conquer the renowned peak. Samina Baig and Naila Kiani had already scaled the world’s highest peak. Zenab shared her story of rigorous training and steady resolve to ascend Mount Everest and said that she had been preparing herself for five years, and before that from her childhood, to realize that dream. She claimed to have climbed five of the world’s seven tallest summits, including Kilimanjaro in Africa, Elbrus in Europe, Denali in North America, Vinson in Antarctica, and now Everest in Asia.