Effective action needed against falsified and fake medical products: Munir

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There can be no sustainable development without justice, rule of law and prevention and control of crime.

This has been stated by the Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations (UN), Munir Akram during his virtual address at 14th UN Crime Congress.

Ambassador Munir Akram has said that coordinated approaches to prevent and combat transnational organized crime is critical to recover better from the crisis and make progress towards all of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Pakistan’s envoy further stated that like all other aspects of our daily lives, the impact of Covid-19 on transnational organized crime has been significant. He said change in labor and migration laws is also critical in addressing the demand for the services of human traffickers.

“In the context of coronavirus pandemic, there is need for effective action against falsified and fake medical products and to strengthen international cooperation in this regard,” he added.