Ending marriage with Ali Askari was a difficult decision: Mahira Khan


Mahira Khan – the prominent Pakistani actress who also worked beyond the border with Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan – said that ending her marriage with Ali Askari was a difficult decision, but we had decided that our first priority would be our son.

While talking about her failed marriage with Ali Askari during a recent interview, Mahira Khan said that they both respect each other’s partners very much, Ali Askari’s second wife is very nice, and my son sometimes teases me by her name that she is better than me and I like it. She said that she and her ex-husband respect each other’s new partners and raise their son Azlan together.  

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The actress further stated that she liked her first marriage with Ali Askari, but after the marriage, when her son (Azlan) was born, she realized that their marriage could not last much longer, but there was pressure on her to keep the marriage. And when you love someone, you try to save your relationship. It was not that there were any serious problems in my marriage that the husband was violent or suspicious, but that two good people were separating from each other.

Mahira further stated they were married at a very young age and they both were different people. After moving on in our lives we realized that we couldn’t be together. Ending this relationship was difficult. The first few years after the marriage ended were very painful but we both decided that whatever was going on in our lives we would not let our son get affected, our first priority was him.

The Pakistani Actress said that it was her work that gave her courage during these difficult times as she did not want to depend on anyone for her and her son. She said I always wanted to be in front of the camera but I didn’t know that success would come like this, the drama ‘Humsafar’ got overnight success.