Every year $1000 billion laundered out of poor to rich countries: PM

News Desk

The Prime Minister Imran Khan has said he will regularly take updates on the matter as well as giving the right of franchise to overseas Pakistanis.

According to media reports, the Prime Minister has expressed these views while chairing the cabinet meeting in Islamabad on Tuesday. He once again expressed the commitment to bring in the latest technology to ensure transparency in the elections.

He emphasized the need for using electronic voting machines in the elections to make the whole process transparent.

Imran Khan has regretted that every year one thousand billion dollars are laundered out of the poor countries to the rich countries. He said Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari like ruling elite first weaken the relevant institutions to transfer abroad the money accumulated through illegal means.

The Prime Minister further stated that mega projects are also executed by such corrupt elements to get big kickbacks in return. He said the people have to pay the price of this corruption in the form of inflation.

He lamented that the corrupt ruling elite then also resorts to different tactics to make their corruption acceptable. With this, he said, they destroy the morality of a nation.