FJWU and RINSTRA signs MoU for development, empowerment and mainstreaming of women in digital media

Nawaz Sharif

Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU) and RINSTRA Technologies Pvt. Ltd. signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to jointly work together to build digital skills of the students and faculty. RINSTRA will enable digital media skills through interactive workshops, seminars and courses, while providing its state-of-the-art platform for digital film festivals and theme-based video competitions.

Speaking on the occasion, the Vice Chancellor of FJWU, Dr. Saima Hamid has said that Fatima Jinnah University is one of the few academic institutions in the country, which prides itself in being a center of excellence for women education and leadership. She said that the University is now moving towards knowledge development, through research-based initiatives that can be commercialized.

The Vice Chancellor further stated that we are thriving to make our students stand out as pioneers in academic and business research. She added that women empowerment through higher education is our primary goal.

Through this collaboration, FJWU and RINSTRA will create hybrid media content like movies, dramas, music videos, theater, documentaries and videos for RINSTRA and other digital platforms.

The Chief Executive Officer RINSTRA, Amir Jahangir has said that this MoU is important to enable young storytellers to be equipped with digital skills that can earn them enough income so they can sustain their creative pursuits and economic wellbeing. RINSTRA has a vision to create 1,000,000 content creators in the next five years, that can create a new digital creative economy in the country.

As per the details of the MoU, both the organizations will work on improving the digital storytelling technique and creative thinking, that will help the students to look at issues and challenges from a narrative perspective. Both the organizations also agreed to create research opportunities in the space of MediaTech. This will enable the students to find new work opportunities in the content industries, including as a potential future work partner.