Govt deploys heavy contingents of FC and police security for Imran Khan


The government has given clear orders for the deployment of forces for the security of PTI Chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

According to media reports, in the light of various threats for the security of Imran Khan, the threat assessment held two meetings at which the issue of enhancing his security was discussed.

During the meeting, it has been decided to appoint a PTI focal person for Imran Khan’s security. If there is a specific threat, it should also be shared so that more security arrangements can be made. The he government has issued clear instructions in accordance with Imran Khan’s security protocol.

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Police and FC personnel have been deployed for the security of Bani Gala House, out of which 22 personnel of Islamabad Police, 72 personnel of FC, 36 personnel of KP Police and 6 personnel of GB Police have been provided for security by the concerned governments.

The government also stationed 26 SMS security personnel and 9 military security personnel at Bani Gala House, while during the movement Imran Khan is accompanied by 4 Islamabad police vehicles and 23 personnel.

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