‘Jinnah Young Writers Award’ essay competition held in Ankara

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“Jinnah Young Writers Award” essay competition was held in Ankara on Monday. Due to Covid19, the event was held online. It was the fourth edition of the event. The theme for this year’s essay competition was “Jinnah and Ataturk”, the two great leaders of the 20th century.

According to media reports, the Pakistan Ambassador in Ankara, Syrus Sajjad Qazi has said on the occasion that Qauid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had played a pivotal role in reinforcing eternal brotherhood between Turkey and Pakistan.

The Pakistani envoy further stated that we are working to further promote Pakistan-Turkey ties in the domain of economy, defence, education, trade and people to people contacts to materialize the dream of our founding fathers.

The Deputy Minister of Turkey Reha Denemeç also attended the event. He said on the occasion that it is our duty to strengthen Turkey-Pakistan brotherhood, established and nurtured by successive generations.

According to Pakistan Embassy in Ankara press release, Mustafa Çakir of Technical & Vocational Anadolu High School of Muratlı, Tekirdağ province clinched first position. Simay Yağmur Yilmaz of Private Altınyıldız Science High School of Merkez, Nevşehir province obtained second position. While Beril Akgün of Anadolu High School of Muratlı, Tekirdağ province secured third position.

Essays written by Nazlı Can Bayraktar of Kocasinan Anadolu High School of Kayseri province, Sena Nur Gülsoy of 75. Year Republic Anadolu High School of Kayseri province and Feyza Nur Dolmacı of Osmangazi Huma Hatun Technical and Vocational High School of Bursa province were awarded Honorable Mention.