Junahgadh’s Nawab urges UN to play its role for liberation of their State from India

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Nawab of Junahgadh, Muhammad Jahangir Khanji has said that the illegal annexation of Junagadh by Indian forces is against all norms and principles of international law. He has urged United Nations (UN) to play its role for liberation of the Junagarh State from Indian illegal occupation.

According to media reports, Muhammad Jahangir Khanji has made these remarks while addressing a news conference in Islamabad on Monday. He said observing the legitimacy of division formula for the subcontinent, his forefathers had made an agreement to become part of Pakistan but Indian forces illegally captured the territory.

The Nawab has said Junagadh was the part of Pakistan and still it is the part of Pakistan. We will not stop our struggle till the freedom of Junagarh from Indian occupation, he said.

Jahangir Khanji requested Prime Minister Imran Khan to highlight their freedom struggle at every international forum and be the ambassador to our cause on the pattern of Kashmir issue. He made it clear to the Modi led Indian government that Junagadh will soon become part of Pakistan.

He also thanked the Pakistani government for issuing a political map showing Junahgadh in its territory.