Johnny Depp was warmly welcomed at the Cannes Film Festival


Johnny Depp was warmly welcomed by his fans on Tuesday as he made an arrival on the red carpet for the comeback of his new movie at the Cannes Film Festival. Despite criticism over their decision to applaud a famous yet controversial actor, fans were still delighted to see the star.

According to the media reports, Johnny Depp was warmly welcomed by the crowd at the Cannes Film Festival and spent a considerable amount of time meeting excited fans, taking selfies, and signing autographs. His ponytail and shades only added to the glory of his appearance as he attended the screening of Jeanne du Barry, in which he stars as King Louis XV.

The Hollywood Superstar joined actors such as Uma Thurman, Helen Mirren — her hair a witchy stack of blue and velvet — and Elle Fanning, for the first night of the industry shindig on the French Riviera. Michael Douglas also received an honorary Palme d’Or, with the 78-year-old joking about the fact he is two years older than the festival.

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Michael Douglas said, “This means so much to me because there are hundreds of festivals around the world but there’s only one Cannes.”

Twenty-One films from around the globe are competing for the festival’s top prize, Palme d’Or there have been repeated questions over its choice of the opening film.

Notwithstanding his controversial court battles with ex-wife Amber Heard, Depp is an icon of many and has achieved much success in his career. Sadly, it also brought to the surface issues about his personal life involving alcohol, drugs, and domestic abuse allegations. Despite the controversies, he is still very sought after. Recently, he secured a massive deal of $20 million for representing Dior Fragrance, and this year he will be directing Al Pacino in a movie about the life of Amedeo Modigliani. It’s amazing to see his resilience and success!