Prince Edward will meet pop icon Ariana Grande?


Prince Edward will meet Singer Ariana Grande on the set of her upcoming film Wicked, starring the pop icon, Cynthia Erivo, Jeff Goldblum and Michelle Yeoh.

According to the media reports, the American singer Ariana Grande is all set to meet the senior member of the Royal Family as their preparations for hunting the artists to perform at King Charles’ Coronation are taking a step further. She is in London these days for the filming of Wicked, which is a movie adaptation of the musical.

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The visit of Prince Edward has been kept under wraps. He’d been invited as a guest of honour, and now he is going to actually meet some of the stars, including Ariana,” a film insider told The Sun.

On the other hand, the Royal Family is currently compiling a list of artists for the Coronation, which will have held on Saturday, May 6, and this visit could be the perfect opportunity for Prince Edward to ask the American singer Ariana Grande if she could perform at the event.

However, as reported by The Sun, sources close to Ariana Grande have suggested that the singer will not be at the Coronation.

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