Master Changan Motors Limited to launch electric vehicles in Pakistan


Master Changan Motors Limited (MCML) will launch two electric vehicles in Pakistan in the coming months.

According to the media reports, the two electric vehicle (EV) brands are Deepal S07 SUV and L07 Sedan variants. Master Changan Motors Limited has not provided any official confirmation; however, the senior executive has told local media that the launch of electric vehicles was on the cards. The company is performing its operations under the Vast Ocean Plan.

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Changan, the parent company of MCML, has introduced Avatr, Deepal, and Nevo, three different brands of electric vehicles. Syed Shabbiruddin, Director of Sales and Marketing at MCML, has announced that the company intends to launch new electric vehicles in Pakistan shortly.  The MCML is reportedly nearing the completion of the Deepal L07, a stylish fastback sports sedan, and the Deepal S07, a flexible mid-size crossover SUV.

Recently, Changan, in collaboration with Huawei and CATL, created an EV-first platform. The Deepal L07 sedan and Deepal S07 SUV were introduced in Thailand, a right-hand drive country similar to Pakistan. Shabbiruddin expressed optimism for electric automobiles by pointing out that significant factors including the rising automotive demand among young Pakistanis suggest an extra 360,000 vehicles by 2030.

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