Mia Khalifa voiced support for Palestine


Mia Khalifa – the former porn star – has publicly stated her support for Palestine in the midst of the intensifying Israel-Palestine conflict.

According to the details, tensions rose after a surprise attack by Hamas on Israel, and the former porn star Mia Khalifa bravely acted in support of Palestine. She wrote in a post on X, “If you can observe the situation in Palestine and not stand with the Palestinians, then you are aligning with the wrong side of history and apartheid, which will become evident in due time.”

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While replying to a person in another Tweet, Mia said, “I just wanna make sure there’s 4k footage of my people breaking down the walls of the open-air prison they’ve been forced out of their homes and into so we have good options for the history books that write about how they freed themselves from apartheid. Please worry about your sad little company lacking direction and purpose before you utter my name again🤍 I stand with all people fighting oppression, now and always, do your research before begging for my investment in your little project, I’m from LEBANON, are you insane for expecting me to be on the side of colonialism you fucking weirdo”

The Israel-Palestine issue has once again dominated international attention as the local violence has restarted. Medical authorities in Gaza estimate that at least 298 Palestinian lives have sadly been lost as a result of Israeli bombings.

Media personality Mia Khalifa, a Lebanese-American, has already spoken out on the Israel-Palestine conflict, and her most recent show of support for the Palestinians has garnered a lot of media attention. On several social media sites, it has also sparked discussions and, predictably, drawn criticism.

Additionally, it appears that Mia Khalifa’s support for Palestine cost her a contract with Canadian radio host and broadcaster Todd Shapiro, who presents “The Todd Shapiro Show.”

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