Nadia Jamil meet Rizwana in Hospital and appeal for Justice


Pakistani Actress Nadia Jamil reached the hospital to meet Rizwana along with the Chairperson of the Child Protection and Welfare Bureau Sarah Ahmad.

According to the details, the actress has shared the experience on the social networking website X. Nadia Jamil said in the post that she will not the pictures of Rizwana but will narrate her meeting the 13-year-old Rizwana in the hospital who was brutally tortured by the wife of a civil judge.

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The Pakistani actress wrote, “Not going to share any photos of the child but will describe her condition. She was in a lot of pain and badly battered and injured. Her head ached immensely. However, when we asked her if she wanted anything. Her eyes lit up and she said in a weak voice, almost excited with a beautiful shy smile. I asked her what she is going to name the Guriya and she smiled a big smile at me, through the pus-infected injuries on her face, regardless of an aching headache, and said ‘Dolly!’

“Then she looked at me and said, ‘Bohot maraa mujhay baji, Bohot maraa’ We told her we are fighting for insaaf, then wanted to leave her in a positive frame of mind so chatted about Dolly’s makeup and clothes before leaving. Her favorite food is chocolate cake. BLESS HER! I can imagine her daydreaming about the toys and food she saw being given to the rich kids around her. She is, after all, just a child, and she wants to heal, wants to play, wants to smile. Please let’s protect that smile! PLEASE,” Nadia added.

The actress also praised Sarah Ahmad in another tweet and wrote, “For me, the real hero is Sarah Ahmad. What she has done for the children of Punjab, thousands of them, no one has done to date. She works in floods, in heat, every single day, to rescue children from the streets, from abandonment, from neglect and abuse. Thank you for your kind words. “