Navjot Singh Sidhu released from jail after 10 months


Navjot Singh Sidhu, leader of India’s opposition party Indian National Congress and former Test cricketer, was released from jail after 10 months.

According to the media reports, Navjot Singh Sidhu was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment in the case of killing a person in a car accident 34 years ago.

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A day ago in his message on the social networking website, the Congress leader said that he has been informed about his release by the concerned authorities.

The family members waited outside the jail for Sidhu’s release, while the son said that the father’s release was deliberately delayed, the family members were waiting outside the jail for 8 hours.

The supporters of the political leader and former cricketer were also present outside the jail in large numbers and as soon as Sidhu came out of the jail, the supporters cheered while Sidhu thanked them for their presence with folded hands.

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