Nicki Minaj stuns fans on her US Vogue cover debut


Nicki Minaj – the famous American rapper and singer – has made her US Vogue magazine cover debut at a time when she is promoting her album ‘Pink Friday 2’.

According to the media reports, American Rapper Nicki Minaj previously made it to the covers of the Arabian and Japanese editions of Vogue, but this is her debut in the December issue of US Vogue. She is seen wearing a cream-colored silk Valentino couture gown.

The singer chatted to the magazine about her new album, the pressures of fame, and the trials and joys of raising her three-year-old kid. She said, “There’s a freeness that you have around you when you’re at your best when you’re doing your thing at your peak. There’s like this lightness in the air. You’re happy even if you’re writing a sad song, but once you start knowing that you’re being judged, there’s no longer that free spirit. People who excel at something make it look easy, but they also deal with a lot of fear of letting people down and letting themselves down. Once you make it, it’s like anything you say can be used against you.”

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Nicki Minaj has not made her son’s name public. She refers to him as ‘Papa Bear’. With the exception of a brief visit from a grandfather, she and her husband Kenny Petty navigated his infancy on their own. She stated that parenting had put a strain on her patience. She said, “For me the idea of accepting what you can’t change—it just never clicked with me before. You want to have control over everything, but that’s the easiest way to be unhappy. So now, if I find myself trying to control it all, I try to remember what’s really important. I look into my son’s face, and my whole soul lights up. He has no clue how nerve-racking it’s been for me to be a mother and an artist.”

The Artist also posted the pictures on his Instagram account and wrote, “Anna, thank you. I can’t really find the words to sum up all these emotions right now, but gratitude is number 1 on the list. Thank you for making one of my WILDEST dreams come true. A beautiful and surreal experience from start to finish. Sergio, THANK YOU and the entire team for making this such an enjoyable, iconic, unforgettable experience!!!!! @sergiokletnoy. We did it Joe! Thank you Joe!!!!”

Check out the pictures here:

Nicki Minaj US Vogue
Nicki Minaj Leaked Pictures
Nicki Minaj Sexy Pictures
Pink Friday 2
Nicki Minaj Bikini
Pink Friday 2
Papa Bear

All the pictures are taken from the official Instagram account of Nicki Minaj

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