Dua Lipa shares insights into her career journey and challenges


Dua Lipa – the English and Albanian singer and songwriter – has recently shared insights into her career journey and the challenges she faced during the early years of her career.

According to the media reports, singer Dua Lipa has expressed her views regarding her career during an interview with KISS FM UK. She said that she has set some new rules for herself regarding promoting her music. She reveals that the new rules and approach of “IDGAF” were put in place after her demanding promotional schedule for the self-titled album in 2018 caused her to be sad all the time.

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The songstress stated, “When I first started, I was just trying to grab every opportunity. I was doing back-to-back-to-back constant photoshoots, traveling, and performances, and all this overwhelmed me. If I could, I would completely change the way I approached life previously.”

Dua Lipa went on to say that she would never go through that again and that she would make sure that everything is organized ahead of time so that she does not spread herself too thin. She also talked about her new album, Houdini, and her feelings about it. She said, “It’s quite like dark, clubby, after with a lot of psychedelic influences.”

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