Not a single case: Socialism saved North Korea from Covid19: Kim Jong-un

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The President of North Korea, Kim Jong-un has credited the country’s socialist system with supposedly protecting North Koreans from the novel coronavirus pandemic. He said that not a single case of the devastating global disease has been registered in his country.

According to Russia Today (RT) report, the North Korean President has made these remarks in a televised speech following a military parade dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the founding of the ruling Workers’ Party.

The recorded footage by the state media showed that the officials and troops were not wearing face masks during the event, in contrast with some previous public gatherings.

President Kim Jong-un said he was grateful that nobody had contracted the disease in the North, an achievement that he partially attributed to the country’s socialist political system. He wished people affected by the global health crisis a swift recovery. He also said that once the pandemic is over, people in the two Koreas will once again be able to join hands.

He thanked the national military for its contribution towards fighting natural disasters and pledged to continue investing in defensive capabilities, saying, “We will continue to strengthen war deterrence for self-defense to deter, control and manage all dangerous attempts and threatening acts, including ever-growing nuclear threats, from hostile forces.”