Two years of PTI regime: Pakistan’s total debt and liabilities up by Rs 14.4 trillion

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The total debt and liabilities of Pakistan have shown an increase of Rs 14.4 trillion, from Rs 29.9 to 44.3 trillion, in Pakistan Tehreek-3-Insaaf (PTI) regime of two years .

According to, the public debt in two years of PTI regime has witnessed an extra-ordinary surge of Rs 11.4 trillion from Rs 25 to 36.4 trillion.

In a rare briefing to the PTI’s cabinet, the Finance Ministry has acknowledged, “of this total debt and liabilities of Rs 44.3 trillion include public debt of Rs 36.4 trillion and other liabilities of Rs 1.7 trillion of State Bank of Pakistan, Rs 2.2 trillion of Public Sector Entities (PSEs), Rs 0.6 trillion for commodity operation and Rs 3.4 trillion for private external debt.”

The report further revealed, an official present in the briefing has said it further breaks up, “Out of this Rs 36.4 trillion of total public debt, that the domestic debt comprises of Rs 23.3 trillion whereas external debt 13.1 trillion. In first year of 2019 in PTI government, it registered an increase of Rs 7.7 trillion whereas it showed an increase of Rs 3.7 trillion in FY 2020.”

“Public debt of Rs 36.4 trillion is 87.2 % of GDP whereas the finance ministry attributed this increase of Rs 11.4 trillion in just two years of PTI government by major contributors include primary deficit of Rs 2.5 trillion, interest on debt of Rs 4.7 trillion, exchange rate devaluation of Rs 3.5 trillion and cash buffer and other reasons of Rs 0.7 trillion,” according to official briefing.