Opposition wants to exert pressure on govt to get relief but I won’t give NRO: PM

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The Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that opposition wants to exert pressure on government in order to get relief from corruption cases instituted against them by the previous governments.

According to media reports, the Prime Minister has made these remarks while addressing the nation on Thursday on national media. He vociferously stated not to give NRO to corrupt elements despite their blackmailing.

Imran Khan has said that he will take vote of confidence from National Assembly on Saturday in open ballot, which should be the standard practice. He said he is not afraid of losing power as he has no monetary interests.

The Prime Minister has said that he bears all his personal expenses himself and is not A burden on national exchequer like previous rulers. He reiterated its resolve to continue struggle for the supremacy of law and justice irrespective of remaining in power or sitting on the opposition benches.

Talking about Senate elections, he said unfortunately it has been a practice to use money in buying the loyalties of members of parliament in this august house of parliament.

Imran Khan has said that money was used in order to win the seat for Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) candidate Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani. He said despite all the maneuverings of opposition, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) has become the largest party in Upper House of parliament due to number of seats it won.

“The two bigger parties, naming Pakistan Muslim League (PMLN) and Peoples Party (PPP), were in favor of closed ballot so that they could buy the loyalties of members of parliament.